See what parents and students are saying! 

I’ve been working with Kathy for about 6 months now and I’ve learned more in this time than I have in a whole life of theatre. She’s super easy to work with and we were on the same page since day one. There’s such a level of support there where I’m learning how to be more confident because I know she’s not going to give up on me and she’s going to make sure I get to where I need to be. I love every lesson and I’m so excited to keep learning.
— Emily, Adult Vocalist
Kathy is a fantastic voice teacher! Before I was taking lessons with her I was terrified to sing in front of other people by myself, but I recently participated in my first [solo] recital. She has helped me to become more confident in myself and my voice, which allows me to share my love of music and singing.
— Aiden, 14 years old
Kathy is an absolutely wonderful and professional vocal teacher. This was my first time taking vocal lessons and I must admit that I was very anxious about the entire experience at first. However, by the end of my very first lesson with Kathy, that anxiety was a distant memory.  Her approach at teaching exhibits passion, kindness, and patience. I was completely struck by not only how talented she is, but her genuine passion for helping students hone their skills and ultimately find their voice. I have seen such a tremendous change in not only my vocal range, but overall confidence in my singing. There was never a moment where my education stagnated. Kathy was always pushing me to grow as a singer, and was always willing to try a new approach toin order for me to reach my next goal. My experience thus far has been extremely positive. I would absolutely recommend Kathy to anyone who desires a kind, thoughtful, and passionate instructor.
— Suzett, Adult Vocalist

I can’t say enough about Kathy, it’s clear that she is an amazing professional in the music community, but what I love about Kathy is that she gently guides and inspires my daughters.  They look forward to seeing her every week, she cares about them and they know it.  She is nurturing a love for music in them.  It takes a special piano teacher to reach out and connect with small children, Kathy is that and so much more.
— Rebecca, mother of two young pianists
Kathy is extremely pleasant to work with. She is smart, talented, sweet, flexible and understanding, fun and professional. She is very kind and encouraging interacting with kids which promotes a positive and can do attitude. My 9 year old daughter, counts the days and looks forward to her class with Miss Kathy every week. Kathy is a beautiful person inside out. I would recommend her without any hesitation.
— Melody, mother of a young vocalist

Miss Kathy is an inspiring and enthusiastic instructor who has been affectively teaching my young daughter to play the piano.  She understands and employs modifications necessary to help an ADHD-I child remain focused and motivated.  Within a few short months, my child was reading and playing music, building her self-confidence and reinforcing her love for music.
— Mary, mother of a young pianist 
Kathy is one of those people that can light up the room. Every Wednesday evening, she lights up my world with music. She is a passionate professional. You can tell she loves what she does in every lesson. She is really good at reading music, but exceptional at reading me, and knowing the tools I needed to learn piano at 36. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have worked with Kathy. She is trulry a star.
— Fred, Adult pianist 
It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation on behalf of Kathy Bell. My daughter Keating has been taking individual and group voice lessons with Kathy for over a year. The progress that she has made has exceeded my expectations. Kathy is enthusiastic, encouraging, patient and has an amazing ability to connect with her students. She has found music at Keating’s current level while at the same time challenging her to expand her range, stage presence and really enhance her overall ability. Kathy coached Keating to perform at Access Broadway this past year bringing home “high gold”!
— Jodi, mother of a young vocalist 
My daughter ages 6 and 8 have been taking piano lessons with Kathy since the summer. We have had 2 piano teachers in the past but had to change due to schedule conflicts. Kathy is by far the one they have liked the best. They quickly fell in love with her and her beautiful voice. Kathy is doing a fantastic job with them. They are playing in time, reading music, beginning to understand harmony and actually playing spontaneously without being asked to “practice your piano.” My oldest had composed a couple of short pieces with her. She has a fun and unique way to keep their attention and interest in music. She is also a delightful person. We highly recommended her.
— Karen, Mother of two young pianists